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Why Do Poodles Bite - Poodle Biting Issues Explained

Whether you own a poodle or not, most people will agree that these creatures are the cutest things there are, especially the little toy poodles. But if you are a proud owner of a poodle, you would also know that poodle biting is a problem to be concerned about. In fact, poodles are considered to have the highest tendency to bite among all dog breeds.

Even though poodles have this tendency, the good news is that it can easily be resolved. The key is to take note of your poodle’s biting tendency seriously and take corrective action to help the dog understand that biting is NOT ok.

It starts with simple aggression and or barking. When we have a barking poodle on our hands, most of us tend to use scolding or negative reinforcement. This is a big mistake as it only aggravates the dog more which sometimes leads to biting. The key is to not make your poodle be aggravated enough that they get inclined to bite. The way to do this is by understanding the reason why your dog is misbehaving in the first place.

Every time your poodle misbehaves and tries to bite, try to determine the triggers that set off the dog. Is he having territorial issues? If yes, was its territory invaded? Did some thing that happened nearby cause it to be alarmed? These are questions you need to ask yourself. If your poodle is still a puppy and has just started having biting tendencies, then it will be very easy to control them before they develop. A good way to do this is to whine and whimper like a puppy would if it was bitten. This communicates that the biting hurt you. If the problem persists too long and you feel it may develop into a habit, then you may consider regular poodle training.

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