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Why Do Dogs Stare?

Our pet canines perplexing behavior is always rooted in the traits of their wild ancestors. To understand the behavior of the modern dog one needs to know the inherent traits of the wolves that for hundreds of years have survived in the wild.

One of these rather odd behaviors is staring. Why do dogs stare? As mentioned this behavior was handed down by the dog’s ancestors that had to depend on their own abilities to survive in the wild. A dog would stare at another dog to interact. Wolves that stay in a pack are always headed by the alpha male. The alpha male stares at other dogs of lower rank to remind them that he is the one in charge, that all should follow his bidding. Because the alpha dog dictates who get a first chance at a prey, dogs may stare to beg for food. Another dog that is lower in rank may stare to challenge the leadership of the alpha male. Staring now becomes a contest of wills. A fight for dominance could result as the alpha male would naturally refuse to avert his eyes.

A pet that is staring at you could be trying to impart a message. The dog may be hungry and begging for food; bored and imploring the humans to give him toys. The dog may be asking you to take him out for a stroll in the park or asking you to let him out to do his business. A dog mournfully staring at the human family can sense that he is once again going to be left all alone at home all day. Dogs are intelligent and affectionate creatures. These animals are known to grieve for the demise of the master. The dog may howl, stare vacantly into space and may even refuse to eat.

Dogs have very keen senses. Their sense of smell and hearing are a hundredfold more sensitive than humans. A staring dog with the head cocked to one side is intently listening and trying to understand a sound that is coming from a distance. The dog can sense approaching people and it may be staring intensely to identify if the person approaching is a stranger or a family member.

Dogs may also stare due to a medical condition. This certainly calls for immediate medical attention. The dog may be staring because it is in pain or in shock. The dog may have sustained an injury or the pet may have ingested toxic or poisonous substances. A dog that is lethargic and staring blankly into space may be sick and in pain. Understanding your dogs body language and quaint behavior is necessary in building a good relationship with your dog.

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