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When Normal Kennel Cough Symptoms Turn Deadly

Does your dog have normal kennel cough symptoms? If he does, and if he is healthy and has a good immune system, he should be OK. There should be no complications and he should be able to fight off the disease in about 10 days.

Kennel cough is an upper respiratory disease. Unfortunately, it is very contagious and can be spread easily in an enclosed environment where there are a lot of dogs together, such as a kennel or dog show. Shelters also are common grounds for this disease. You should always watch out for symptoms of this disease if you adopt a dog from a shelter.

If you are unsure if he has kennel cough, you can press gently on the dog's throat over the trachea, and this will produce the cough.

These are the normal kennel cough symptoms:

1. A hacking cough. Your dog will cough intermittently every couple of minutes. It will sound as if he has something stuck in his throat.

2. Coughing up phlegm. Your dog will probably have coughing bouts ending up with vomiting phlegm. The normal color of the phlegm should be clear or light.

3. Nasal Discharge. He will probably have a runny nose.

4. Conjunctivitis. He will have watery eyes.

5. Appetite stays normal. He will not lose his appetite.

6. Activity level is normal. He engages in normal activity.

Normally, the dog should be able to fight off the disease in about 10 days to two weeks. However, if the symptoms persist and the phlegm becomes green or a dark color, or if he starts getting lethargic and loses his appetite, he has probably developed a secondary bacterial infection and needs treatment right away, as this could lead to pneumonia and even death .

It is very important that your dog's general health and immune system is in good shape. There are many natural pet home remedies that will help you care for your dog without the harmful consequences of the synthetic chemicals that conventional medicine uses to treat our pets. Most of the medications used, including the bordatella vaccine to prevent kennel cough, severely damages the dog's immune system, which makes him weaker to face any diseases in the future.

A healthy dog ​​with a good immune system handles the normal kennel cough symptoms without complications and recovers on his own. You can help your dog get the best health care with natural pet home remedies and save thousands in vet bills.

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