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What Do You Think Is The Most Important Misunderstanding In Dog Training Tips?

What would you think is the most important misunderstanding in dog training tips?

To isolate a single misunderstanding about dog training tips, is like summarizing a whole encyclopedia in a 50 page book. But the most basic among these is that most people think that dog training means you have to attribute dog's behavior with how humans would react.

Take for example an owner who thinks that a dog behaves as if he is totally aware of his actions as a human would.

Dogs are very trainable if you put on the amount of work and dedication to build his confidence to do a certain task.

A constant prodding to the right thing is the best way to establish rapport with your dog and make him understand what your commands are.

There are other misunderstandings when it comes to training tips like:

1. You cannot teach old dogs new tricks – this is largely untrue, a dog is quite able to follow tricks and commands even after its adult years. What you need is to be patient to teach him to be obedient and fast in responding.

2. A well trained dog will always respond in the same and exact way – even though a dog has received proper training, there are times that he will veer slightly from the way it is supposed to respond because of other factors. Because of this, you must be quick to correct your dog if the situation presents itself. This will prevent the occurrence of such behavior in the future.

3. Small dogs do not need training because they are small – this apparent neglect for small dogs is not founded on basic training principle. The size of a dog does not dictate its ability to follow and learn commands. Any size for that matter can and will be trained depending upon the trainer.

4. Rewarding your dogs will make them lazy

These are just some of the misunderstandings when it comes to dog training tips. If you listen to people closely, you'll find a lot more.

Make sure that each of the above listed is applied to your dog to make it a better pet and well behaved at all times.

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