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Training Dameranian Puppies - The Right Mindset You Need to Train Your Dameranian Dog!

The Dameranian is actually not a purebred animal. It is actually a mix breed between a Dachshund and a Pomeranian. To find the origin and temperament of this breed you would need to examine both breeds. The dachshund for example originated in the early 10600’s in Germany. This breed was specifically bred to be a hunter of small animals such as rabbit. They have very short legs so they can keep a preys scent close to the ground. The Pomeranian also got its name from Germany, also Poland. Originally this breed was much larger, and was herders. However in the late 1800’s Queen Victoria started reducing the breed size to fit royalty.

For being such a short breed the dachshund is very brave, curious and very clever. They are very devoted animals but also very difficult to train in and out of the house. This very lively Pomeranian breed is a proud dog. They are very loyal animals and live to be a forever companion. Pomeranians are one of the best show dogs on the sector today. This makes the Dameranian a wonderful breed to train. And here is some advice to get you started training your new pal:

Acquiring an animal’s respect and confidence is the first action towards effectively training him. This phase is especially critical when training a dog. Dogs are very social and unsurprisingly respect a dominant guide.

In a dog’s world, if you are the guide, then he will naturally go along with what you direct him to do. Until your dog has learned to depend on and obey you, it will be tough for any instruction system to be successful. As you interrelate with your dog by becoming the alpha in your personal pack, he will naturally give you the respect and dependence that you warrant. Once you have gained your dog’s respect, you will be stunned at how quickly your schooling advances.

It is crucial to recognize that first comes respect, then comes affection. By aimlessly showering a new puppy with snuggles and affection, you may be making your training work more demanding down the road. While a puppy can play the sweet card to get just about anything that it wants, it is a gigantic misstep to get started like this. By establishing rules for your dog to stick to, you let him see what you expect of him.

By having predictable rules and consequences for breaking the rules you are mimicking pack behavior. Because dogs are pack animals, they naturally respond favorably to this upbringing.

Good luck training your new Dameranian puppy!

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