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Training Belgian Malinois - Are They Aggressive Puppies Or Going Through a Stage?

A Belgian Malinois can make a great dog breed to own. They are excellent companions, working dogs, police dogs or even guard dogs. An owner that is willing to put the time and energy into properly training these puppies will grow to adore this breed for its versatility and lovability. Before deciding on this breed, there are few characteristics you must take into consideration, including the fact that these puppies go through a stage where they may act out. This is period of adjustment for the puppy and can be compared to the temperament of a human teenager.

Like people, Belgian Malinois will grow out of this phase, but during this stage of life, being an owner can be a frustration. Behavior can range from simple over excitement to aggressive behavior like nipping and growling. The breed on a whole is not an aggressive one, but the behavior as a puppy must be dealt with quickly and efficiently to ensure a well-tempered adult dog. As you looking into training puppies, remember that the breed is naturally an energetic one. An important part of training should include the fact your puppy can be happy and energetic without resorting to destructive behavior.

For the most effective way of training these types of puppies, you may want to enroll them in an obedience training class. Such classes include basic training like sit, stay and down as well as agility courses that your energetic puppy will love. It also gives your puppy a chance to socialize the other people and dogs, decreasing the likelihood of behavior problems in adults of this breed.

Belgian Malinois pups are great with children, especially when they grow up together in the same home. This breed of dog should be introduced to children as a puppy and then trained to properly socialize and accept quick movements of children and playful sounds they generate. Every one of these factors is essential in building a loving, lasting relationship with your puppy.

Training these wonderful pups to become a welcome member of the family will be well worth all the effort you put into it once basic and more advanced training is completed. If you feel like you cannot do it yourself, behavior classes are great resources you can draw from. If you hope to train your Belgian Malinois mostly on your own at home, there are other sources you can draw from, as well.

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