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The Ultimate Guide to Dog Health Review - Learn How to Treat Your Dog's Illnesses at Home

Every dog downer can benefit from the valuable information found in The Ultimate Guide to Dog Health. This very thorough guide is written by author Malcolm Fields, a noted dog health expert, who is publishing this book with the folks at Kingdom of Pets. Kingdom of Pets offers only the highest quality dog training, dog house training and other pet related books and products, so you can be assured that this book is very well written and informative.

The purpose of this book is to teach dog owners how to care for their pets, and how to recognize the early symptoms of dog health problems. Malcolm teaches his readers how to troubleshoot and diagnose dog ailments. You will learn to determine if the problem is something urgent that requires an immediate visit to the vet’s office, or whether the  problem is something minor that you can treat yourself inexpensively at home.

In this very thorough guide, Malcolm educates you about all the problems that your pet can get over the course of its life. Unfortunately, dogs can be subject to a long list of ailments. Here are just a few of the different types of infirmities our dogs may suffer from: ear infections; vomiting;  diarrhea; eye irritations; worms and other types of parasites; limping; flaking skin; lethargy; and so many more. Each illness is discussed and various treatments are offered. You will learn exactly when to give each of the vaccinations your dog will need, and how to do these yourself at home-and save a lot of money in vet charges.

There are also over 50 large detailed diagrams of a dog’s body, to better illustrate the book’s information, but my favorite feature is the Symptom Chart, which shows you a path from specific symptoms to diagnosis and finally offers the best treatment choices for each particular health problem your dog may develop over his life-and whether or not the problem is severe enough to require a trip to the vet.

Other health issues such as whether or not to neuter your dog, and when it is sometimes a good choice are discussed. There is also a section with important information on proper nutrition for your dog, and about the shortcomings of most of today’s commercial dog food products. Learn some valuable tips on how to properly feed your dog to maintain his best health and live a long energetic life.

This book is almost like having your own personal vet to consult with whenever your pet is showing signs of health problems. It will teach you how to recognize symptoms, diagnose them and even treat them-often with easy to use household remedies that cost a fraction of what a vet visit would. However, if your dog’s problem is something serious, Malcolm teaches you how to recognize the more urgent dog health problems, so you can be sure to avoid delays going to the vet.

The Ultimate Guide to Dog Health comes with 4 bonus eBooks included.

1.   Dog First Aid-In this eBook you’ll learn some basic first aid techniques to use for your dog’s accidents and other health problems-it even teaches doggy CPR.

2.    180 Gourmet Recipes for your dog- I hear they are so tasty you’ll find them hard to resist (just kidding)

3.   101 Ways to Spoil Your Dog-full of great activities and other cool stuff you can get for your dog.

4.   20 Super Healthy Recipes for Your Dog-this is another eBook with even more recipes designed to make sure your dog has the best health possible.

The Ultimate Guide to Dog Health has a 60 day guarantee, so if you are not completely happy with your copy, you can get every bit of your money back. The price of this book will be paid back many times if it saves you from even 1 visit to the vet’s office.

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