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The Number One Way to Train Your Dog to Stop Jumping

Jumping among dogs is a common problem for dog owners. Most dog owners encourage jumping to their puppies from when they are small, without even realizing it. What did you used to do when your puppy was small? Let me remind you, you used to lean towards that cute excited little puppy, and you would kiss him, scoop him up or just give him a little hug.

That was you rewarding the little puppy for bad behavior, without being conscious of it. If you want your puppy to stop jumping, you will need to alter your behavior when he jumps at you. That means your behavior towards him when he jumps at you, will need to be consistent, otherwise it will confuse him. How then, do you discourage your dog from jumping on you or anyone else for that matter?

Most professionals agree that the best way to stop him from jumping is to ignore him. Dogs understand better the persons reaction to what they are doing, than a person trying to correct them verbally. So in this instance, when he jumps at you, you need to look away from him or turn your eyes away from his direction.

A lot of people make the mistake of ignoring the pet instead of ignoring the behavior. Ignoring him is when he jumps up at you and you pretending that he did not just do that. This is different to ignoring the behavior because, when you ignore the behavior you will either turn away from him or move your eyes from looking at him.

The only time you are allowed to be sweet, loving and encouraging to him is when all his four paws are on the ground.

This is by far the best thing you can do to get your dog to stop jumping. He will not get it right away, but if you are consistent in you efforts, he will get it and his behavior will change.

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