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The Effects of Ingesting Cat Feces on a Dog

Our pets are our babies but sometimes dogs can remind us that they’re not our children; they’re animals, with some pretty disgusting habits. One of those habits is eating cat poop. Can ingesting cat feces cause pancreatitis in dogs?

Reasons Why Your Dog Eats Cat Poop

Coprophagia (poop-eating) is one of those animal behaviors that scientists and vets don’t quite understand fully. Not every dog partakes in this culinary delight, but the ones that do can eat poop like it’s their last meal.

There are quite a few theories about this. One theory is that cat feces has a higher concentration of protein in it because a cat’s diet is richer in protein than a dog’s diet. Another theory is that dogs may be lacking in vitamins and are supplementing their diet with what nutrition they are getting from the feces. It may be that your dog has intestinal parasites and that is why it’s lacking in nutrition. Or it’s just not able to absorb through the intestinal walls what it needs nutritionally.

It may be that your dog is bored; having been left for long periods of time while you are out, or it’s stressed. It may be under exercised or lacking in quality attention and stimulation.

Another theory is that dogs are carnivores and on an evolutionary scale once upon a time it would have killed for food and eaten the whole carcass. So it’s instinctual for it to not stop at any by-product of an animal.

If you punished your dog for having an accident in the house it may now be trying to hide the evidence that there is any poop in the house.

Why it’s Not Healthy for Your Dog

There are many parasites your dog can pick up when eating cat feces like roundworm, whipworm and giardia. Not to mention if your dog has all day access to cat feces chances are he’s eating it from the cat litter box. He will be ingesting the cat litter and when your cat urinates on it, it clumps together and that is the effect it will have in your dog’s stomach.

It’s not known if ingesting cat feces causes pancreatitis in dogs or if they have something wrong with their pancreas and so therefore ingest the feces. Dogs can have parasites in their pancreas so its best to see your vet for a checkup.


Other than strategically placing your cats litter box in the house where your dog can’t get it, you could try supplementing your dog with Prozyme which is a plant based enzyme which will increase the absorption of your dog’s food.

You may also like to try behavioral modification whereby you train your dog to not eat from the litter tray.

So be patient with your pooch, and whatever you do, don’t let him lick your face after he’s dined at the Litter Café.

Source by Kate Strong

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