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The Best Care For Your Puppies

People believe that dogs are man’s best friend. This pet is being loved by many due to its abilities. Since they can be trained, adults and kids adore them more. However, puppies need appropriate care in order to develop accordingly. If you wish them to follow your commands promptly, train them as early as possible so that they will get used to it. As you can see in television programs and other movies, they are very skilled in performing some activities that humans could also perform. As a result, dogs can even be the protector and right hand of his owner.

First thing that you must consider in taking good care of your puppies is to get them immunized. Immunization is very important in their growth and development. They must be treated like babies who need adequate nutrition and support. Do not expose them to unsafe and dirty environment to avoid acquisition of any diseases. Most pet owners bring their puppy at the nearest veterinarian in town for anti-rabies injection. Other immunization could be given as required. We know for a fact that immunizations can protect you from any preventable illnesses and this principle is also applicable to puppies.

Next thing that you should bear in mind is the kind of food that will meet their body requirements. Always think of a nutritious food that will be beneficial to their health. Most dog foods available in the market are high in carbohydrates and protein. But there are some brands which include vitamins and minerals which are necessary as they grow older. Train him to eat on time at a particular area in your house so that he will know where to look for his breakfast, lunch and dinner. Avoid missing his meals to avoid malnutrition. Remember that puppies are still very sensitive when it comes to health condition. Since their systems are not yet matured, they could catch an illness so easily. To prevent this, feed him appropriately and accordingly.

Maintain adequate hygiene. A clean environment is very essential in taking care of your puppies. Aside from a clean surrounding, they must also take a bath regularly. This will help them in fighting common diseases that dogs acquire easily such as skin problems. Their hair will also look shiny and attractive if cleanliness will be maintained. There are so many shampoos for puppies available in the market. You can also search it in the Internet so that you don’t have to go to different shopping malls anymore. If your puppy has long hairs, better buy a brush so that you will be able to comb his hair every morning. They will surely love this.

Lastly, treat them nicely. Provide a comfortable place for them to take a good rest. You don’t have t be harsh in training them. Positive reinforcement is better that using the negative one. Let him do a particular task and when he’s able to complete it successfully, you can give him food as a form of reward. By doing this, your puppy will definitely get motivated to follow your commands.

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