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The Benefits and Advantages of Owning a Dog

It is estimated that nearly half of US households have a dog living under their roof. The reason for their popularity is because your dog is always there for you waiting for you when you get home, with their tails wagging, jumping up and down, and they are genuinely glad to see you. They are loyal, provide unconditional love and affection, and protect you and your family. They are your best friends, and just seeing them can improve your mental wellness considerably, especially after a hard day at work. Who knew your pet can help you have a better life!

Research from many different sources have shown that pet owners live healthier, happier, and fuller lives than people who do not own pets. Your pet can help extend your life, improve your stress level, and decrease the number of visits to the doctor. It has been established that dog owners have lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels than people who do not own dogs. It is therapeutic to dog owners just by petting or talking to their pet.

Dog owners can improve their cardiovascular health by walking or running with their dog. Since you have to take your dog out anyway, you are having at least a good walk or run, which in turn leads to your better health. Some dog owners have even stopped smoking because they are worried the second hand smoke will affect their pet’s health, which in turn helps their own health.

Dogs also give their owners a purpose in life. This is particularly true of older dog owners. They know their pets are depending on them to feed them, walk them, groom them, and let them outside. Just knowing they are needed by their best buddy give them a stronger will to live. Dogs also offer friendship and affection, and just knowing they are there keeps their owner from being lonesome. It has also been proven dog owners have a better survival rate from a serious illness, just knowing they have to survive to take care of their beloved pet.

Children that grow up in a household that has pets are less likely to develop allergies to animals. Another benefit is children are less likely to develop asthma symptoms than children living in non-pet households. Just by caring for a dog helps children have higher self-esteem and compassion as they grow up.

Some dog owners receive great joy from pampering their pets by buying them special treats, dog toys, dog clothes, dog beds, and other dog accessories. They are a member of the family and their owners want them to be happy, and this, in turn, makes the owner happy, too.

There are many advantages to owning a dog, not only by improving your health and life. They can bring you great joy and happiness as an added benefit. Just by owning a dog, your quality of life can be greatly enhanced!

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