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The Basics of Healthy Dog Nutrition

Among the most beneficial things you’ll be able to do for your dog is to feed it nutrients that are healthy for dogs to eat. Dogs are firm, passionate, loving, friendly, thoughtful, playful and frequently entertaining, making them desirable pets for owners and families.

As a responsible owner we need to find a healthy food for our loving pet that can help them to become energetic and healthy. It sounds like an easy plan but fortunately it is hard to do. In finding the correct healthy dog food for your dog you need to take into consideration things like raw and organic foods and whether it is best for your breed of dog to simply feed them fats, protein and carbohydrates straight from fresh food.

Your pet needs healthy dog food with carbohydrates – 40-60% of the diet should come from carbohydrates which is essential for your dog’s wellness. Carbohydrates include amylums and sugar that can be changed into available energy. Too much carbohydrates comprises your dog’s health and will be stored as fat and may cause obesity, poor digestion and other health problems. Good examples of healthy carbohydrates are oats, sweet potatoes and yams.

Fat are also essential when deciding on a healthy dog food. Beneficial examples of fat are vegetable oil, fish and meat. Omega-3 fatty acids are important for a conditioned skin and healthy coat and might assist in the reversal of some health troubles like inflammation and blood coagulation.

Similar to other species, dogs need vitamins and minerals. You should look for a good dog food abundant in vitamins and minerals which are essential to a dog’s growth and for fighting off disease. For example, Vitamin A is significant for aiding in their visual sense and for bone and teeth growth. Vitamin D is important for the assimilation of calcium and Vitamin E allows anti-oxidant to reject toxins in the dog’s body. Minerals like calcium and magnesium are beneficial for teeth and bones as well as for the normal performance of the heart.

Source by Katie Ham

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