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Taming an Aggressive Adult Dog Correctly

The best way to tame an aggressive adult dog is to train them. Most of the people think that it is impossible to train an adult dog and the fact is you not only can train their behaviors but also new tricks. Taming an aggressive adult dog is not difficult but it has to be done correctly.

Some dogs are aggressive because they feel there is a need to protect their owners. Sometimes, this is a way of showing their affection and loyalty. Hence, they may develop a behavior of trying to control the surrounding and most of them are very alert in the slightest movement or sound. Sometimes, their aggression can also be their fear. There are just different kinds of aggressions in dogs, you will need to understand them so that you are able to tame an aggressive adult dog correctly.

One of the ways in taming an aggressive adult dog is to start socializing your dog. Normally, exposing your dog from young age would be much ideal. However, you can do the same to an adult dog, you just make sure that your dog is properly leashed. Tell your dog “Kiki, settle down. It is okay.” You will need to assure your dog until he or she knows how to settle down. Do it more frequently, meeting different types of people like adult, children, babies, elderly, men, women or even people who are wearing uniform. Try to make the socialization in a fun and relaxed environment. Soon, he or she will feel more ease and safe with strangers.

If your adult dog still does not know the basic obedience commands like sit, stay, come, etc. You have to start training your dog the basic obedience commands now. This is another way in taming an aggressive adult dog. Start off slowly and have several short training sessions a day, each session lasting not more than 15 minutes. Try not to have it too many times a day, twice or thrice would be the best. Reward your dog with treats if he or she is doing correctly. Do not scold your dog if they are not doing well as this will deter them away from learning.

It is not too late to train an aggressive adult dog now. Sometimes their aggressiveness maybe capable of inflicting serious harm to other dogs or human. Taming an aggressive adult correctly should be done with proper knowledge of training.

There are many proven tactics on How To Tame An Aggressive Adult Dog.

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