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Tahitian Noni International - Scam Or Legit - Review

Tahitian Noni International was started in 1996 with a single product, the Noni juice. The company grossed over $ 6 million it's first year and climbed to over $ 500 million in less than 10 years and has done business in over 70 countries with it's nutritional products. the products have been known to help with various health issues according to testimonials of people who have tried it.

The Products – The well known Noni juice made from the noni fruit found on the Tahitian islands, is rich in antioxidants. They also have other products from vitamins called NatureBorn, wide range of energy / health drinks called Hiro, daily nutritional products, women's health on down to animal Noni health products for your dog or horse!

The Opportunity – Tahitian Noni International is one of the fastest growing companies in network marketing. They have a wide variety of nutritional products and the market for health and wellness is at an all time high. They promise to help you make back your initial $ 550.00 investment in 30 days conditional upon you sponsoring at least 3 people in those 30 days. You buy at wholesale and sell at retail and keep your profits. You can also build a team under you and can get paid up to 5 compressed generations and be rewarded uni level bonuses plus get in on the bonus pools when you become a top earner.

After researching the company it is a legit business opportunity. They have been around for quite some time and have established a solid reputation. If you can build a large enough customer base under you (You'll need this to generate the product volume movement you need to generate a decent check). You have to be on an auto shipment and they have 10 training camps to go through if you want. If you personally like to "sell" the product, attend seminars or have product parties or even try to get into a retail store outlet as they have even suggested, you might like this opportunity. However this business will take some time to see the kind of income you might be looking for.

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