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Stop a Barking Dog - Types of Training

Dog’s bark for many different reasons. Sometimes a dog may bark because he can sense danger. Other times, a dog will bark because he is bored or lonely. What happens when your dog begins to bark too much? This can become very frustrating and can be troublesome especially if you live in an apartment or have very close neighbors. Don’t get discouraged, there are many training methods to stop a barking dog.

Although there are many techniques to stop a barking dog, they all focus on two main training methods. These methods are positive and negative reinforcement. We will discuss these in detail.

Positive reinforcement is any form of training based on reward instead of punishment. This is the form of training used by most zoos and animal trainers. You can reward your pet with a treat or some form of praise. Other examples include petting your animal or playing games such as fetch.

Negative reinforcement is the complete opposite of positive reinforcement. This involves a punishment for bad behaviors. Types of punishment can be things such as fear, discomfort, or pain. Things like bark collars fall under this category. Bark collars fit on the dog just like a regular collar but they have a small box that sense vibrations from the dog barking. The bark collar will then emit some type of punishment. Some bark collars emit a small electric shock. Others emit a citrus smell which many dogs find disfavorable.

Hopefully you now have a better understanding of the two main types of training to stop a barking dog. The main thing is to try not get frustrated and do not give up.

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