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Some Styles For Yorkie Grooming

Most people feel good when they look good. Dogs, such as Yorkshire Terriers (Yorkies), are no different. One reason for Yorkie grooming is for vanity. But the most important purpose is for the health of the dog. Because pet care relies on the owner, it is vital to learn and practice proper grooming techniques. Some people are wealthy enough to afford daily care and grooming for their dogs by professionals. Most dog owners, however, have to do those chores at home between periodic visits to the pet salon.

Dog grooming is not only about keeping the coat shiny and silky. A radiant, healthy appearance begins with good nutrition. Beauty, in this case, is an inside job. There are myriads of formulas available to address the nutrition needs of dogs at any age or size.

Another component of canine care is cleanliness. All parts of domestic animals have to be groomed. Ears, nails, teeth, and skin must be regularly cleaned, in order to prevent unhealthy conditions, such as gum infections and lumps on the skin. Although there are specific steps for taking care of each body part, the focus of this article will be the coat of the Yorkie.

There are two major styles of Yorkie coats: long and short. The standard photographs for the long-coated Yorkshire Terrier display long, silky locks with either single or double topknots. This look, although usually shown at contests, is not the only approved style. In fact, any Yorkie that has a brushed, clean coat has an acceptable appearance.

When contemplating the long-coated look, there are many factors to consider. Of course, it is the style that is prominent in the breeding periodicals, the breed websites, and the dog shows. The Yorkshire coat has standards in the length, color, texture, and coiffure.

Proper care of this style requires disciplined attention, including daily brushing, and weekly shampooing and conditioning. If the dog will be entered in a show, the coat must be wrapped to protect it from soiling and tangling. A top knot and bow are the crowning touches of the style. The bow can be applied in the middle of the head, or two bows can rest on both sides of hair parted in the middle.

In some cases, Yorkies have soft, rather than silky, hair. It is not as easily maintained, due to its tendency to matt and break. Shorter styles are more appropriate in this case. One such style is the puppy cut, which consists of short layers of hair on the body and surrounding the face.

Variations of puppy cuts are the modified Schnauzer and the Westie cuts. The first has a very short torso clip, with longer leg hair and the traditional Schnauzer mustache. Similarly, the Westie style is trimmed short on the torso, but is also cut to frame the face.

An advantage of shorter styling cuts equates to less coat-grooming time. Other body parts must be kept up as often and as diligently as the long-haired dogs, but a quick comb and shampoo are less time-consuming than untangling matts and so forth,

Determining the style for Yorkie grooming depends primarily on how much time and energy the owner wants to devote to the tasks involved. It does not matter very much which style is chosen, because Yorkies can have either an elegant, long-haired look, or a short-and-sassy demeanor. The primary reason for dog grooming is to optimize the health of the dog.

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