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Service Dog Training - Volume 2

I hope those of you who are reviewing this article were able review “Service Dog Training – Volume 1.” I’m a very analytical person who likes to know what I’m talking about. For me, the next step was to see what it means to be a service dog. The first thing is, there is a big difference between a service dog and a therapy dog because therapy dogs are not allowed the same admittance guidelines as service dogs. Those of you training therapy dogs should keep this in mind. Second is, there is not a formal federal certification process but there are specific regulations. Do your research! Here’s what I found:

-Handlers must have the dog tethered in some way unless it interferes with the dogs function.

-The handler must be able to maintain control of the dog (i.e. remember in Volume 1, it’s a good idea to partake in obedience training before asking for more from your service animal. The dog should take all commands the first time and should not be distracted by outside influences. They should be able to maintain control inside restaurants, to include not asking for or expecting food, or eating food off the floor.

-The animal should not be aggressive in any way, and should not bark or nip at other animals or people. This is one of the most important points. If your animal is aggressive in any way, they are not ready for service status and should not be exposed to the public.

-Your dog should look to you for guidance, especially when others approach you to pet the dog or make distracting noise.

-No urination or defecation inside public places. This is also an absolute no. It’s one thing for the animal to accidentally be sick, or something of that sort, but should never have an accident.

-Your dog should be socialized enough to ignore merchandise, smells and noises in public places.

There are lots of guidelines online for those of you who believe you are ready to train a service animal. I have also found professionals are a great resource for both obedience, scent and service animal training sessions.

After months of socialization and work, Jag and I are still working on this! Our toughest thing is getting to convince Jag NOT to ask for pets and love from others. He’s a puppy and a lab, so this will likely be our biggest hurdle before our training stamp can come off.

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