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Self-Empowerment: Your Birthright

Self-Empowerment is the birthright of each individual and is found within, waiting to be recognized, nurtured, and brought to fulfillment. Until you find your “self” you don’t find your “Self”, your Higher Self, the internal guide possessed by each of us. And until you do, you may be living your life by someone else’s rules, completely unfulfilled and not “on purpose”.

Your Higher Self is the voice within, which brings guidance and power and courage and the knowingness that your choices are correct. And we are to remember to make choices for ourselves based on what is right for us, not choices based on the wants, wishes or commands of another. We must always fill ourselves before we can fill others who depend upon us in any way.

Consider the airplane crew announcement prior to flight when we are advised that if cabin pressure falls, an oxygen mask will drop and adults are directed to place the mask over their own face first, and then help children or the elderly traveling with them. This advice extends to life in general, as if we are not personally fulfilled, strong and healthy, we are not in good position to assist others. This advice to help oneself first is in no way selfish, but rather the way of ensuring the perpetuation of health, wellness and happiness. When we fill our heart and soul with what is our passion in life, we are empowered and we radiate strength and confidence to the world. Only then are we truly fulfilled and the person we know we are intended to be in this lifetime; happy and on purpose. This is your right and your destiny, so find your passion, follow your heart and it will be.

Finding your passion can be as simple as identifying what it is that makes you happiest, whether it be a hobby or something you’ve only dreamed about. If it fulfills your every need it is a bonus, and if it fulfills your every need and you can earn your living through it, even better. When you function in empowerment you will always make the right choices. When you make the right choices you are successful and fulfilled, and when you are successful and fulfilled you are empowered. The key is to trust in your own decision making abilities and know that your choices are right for yourself. Perhaps you consider a career in art or writing or dog-training; none of which are considered “real jobs” by the masses, but if your heart is in it you will survive and succeed. Being empowered is having the inner strength of your own convictions and moving forward in trust that your path is the right one, no matter your choice. When you check your heart and your head (intellect) for guidance, by far the strongest pull generally comes from the heart, and following this guide will serve you well in all things. It is the second-guessing of yourself in decision-making that often leads to the wrong choice.

Empowerment means having the strength to believe in it and make it happen, whatever “it” is – never wavering or doubting, and definitely not allowing others to do so in your presence. “It” is your destiny!

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