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Schizophrenia in Dogs - Sudden Behavioral Changes

Schizophrenia in dogs is not as uncommon as one may think. Dogs who show signs of sudden behavioral changes could be experiencing symptoms of schizophrenia. Your canine may be friendly one minute, then growl and snap at you the next, leaving you wondering what brought on the rapid change.

Schizophrenia in dogs is marked by acute alterations in personality without any apparent reason. Most often it is due to a change of mood of the pet owner, and occurs in households where chaos rules. It can also be evident in homes where the pet owners have set no boundaries or limits for their pets. In addition, there may be many personalities the dog must cope with in the home, and these differences can have an affect, possibly leading to aggressive behavior.

Aggressive behavior in an otherwise friendly dog is great cause for concern. A family member or visitor to your home can be attacked and severely injured should your pet perceive a threat that does not exist. In many cases, the pet owner has been attacked by their own beloved pet. The more the owner tries to soothe and calm, the more aggressive the dog becomes. Sadly, the pet may need to be euthanized.

Your dog is a member of the family, and it is not easy to admit there is a problem that needs rectified a quickly as possible. In light of this, contacting a qualified trainer or veterinarian for help in finding a solution can save everyone from the dire consequences of a ferocious attack.

Keep a record of your dog’s behavior and the events in the home surrounding the onset of a negative mood, such as sudden loud noises or arguments between family members. Make note of body language, the dog’s behavior before the event, and eye expression. This will help the trainer or veterinarian have a better understanding of what could be affecting your pet’s personality.

Monitor your dog’s behavior in various environments and activities in the home, such as when the house is calm and peaceful and when it is not. If you have small children running around, you may want to place the dog behind a closed door to protect them. Anyone who has children knows the noise and chaos they can generate. Your dog may feel threatened and confused, which can cause a change to a negative mood.

Animals who are schizophrenic may react differently to different situations. Some do fine in chaos, while others may need peace and quiet. This is important information that needs to be passed on to the vet or trainer.

It is possible to help your pet regain trust when you spent more quality time together. Consistently showing love and affection can help your dog feel safe and comfortable to overcome the feelings that produced the negative mood.

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