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Royan Canin - A Top Dog Food Company

Royal Canin was founded in Gard France in 1967; by a French veterinary surgeon called Jean Cathary.The Company later changed its location to Aimargues. The company has over the years changed hands dating back from 1972 when it was acquired by Guyomarc’h. The company was later bought by French bank Paribas in 1990, but the takeover did not last long as it was finally acquired by Mars group in 200I. The mars group- owned company has grown over the years expanding its operation into many parts of the world. The company has achieved profitability over the years and employs over 3,000 employees worldwide.

The company success can largely be attributed to the founder who was a vet surgeon. The founder jean cathary emphasized the need to produce pet food that catered for the nutritional needs of animals -rather than just focusing on how the pet food tastes like most brands do. Jean cathary invested his time and resources into research right from the beginning.

His attention to detail ensured that food produced was of high quality and nutritious. Today the brand is a darling to many pet owners and veterinarians all over the world. The company continues to maintain the principles and standards set by him- in fact the company’s motto reads “Respect the animal” which has remained unchanged since 1967. If you are looking for high quality pet food in any part of the world then it’s highly recommended that you look for Royal Canin range of products.

The company’s product range

Essentially, Royal Canin manufactures different kinds of dog and cat food; largely depending on the nutritional requirements of specific breeds. The company has established a reputation of manufacturing specialty food for both dogs and felines (cats) that is of high quality, readily available and affordable. The company’s ongoing research means that it continues to meet various needs of animals which continue to change with time.

Generally, the company produces a range of products that include dog food, dog treats, cat food, cat treats, veterinary diets etc.

Royal Canin dog food

Royal Canine manufactures over 40 variations of dog food, taking into account factors like the age, weight, breed type among a host of other factors. For instance, the company produces three different types dog food based on the sizes of dog breeds. Some of the dog food manufactured includes; Royal Canin Mini for smaller dog breeds, Royal Canin medium for medium breeds and Royal Canin Giant for larger breeds.

Dog treats

The company also produces dog veterinary diets treats which are basically geared towards providing enjoyment and nutrition while keeping excessive calories or fats at bay.Dog treats are usually taken as snacks and can be taken along side the main meals. Some of the dog treat formulas sold by the company include; Royal Canin treats 17.6 oz and canin treat 500 gram pouch

Royal Canin cat food

The company manufactures premium cat food from natural ingredients like chicken, brown rice, fish, eggs, etc. The company produces several product lines depending on particular feline dietary requirements. Whether one is looking for younger or mature feline food -the company has unrivalled options.

Royal Canin cat treats

The company is also at the forefront of producing tasty feline treats that are low in calories, fats, and salts.

Lastly, Royal Canin product range continues to expand with time depending on research and innovation of the production department. The global leader continues to set unmatched records in the production and marketing of pet food.

Honors and recognition

The pet food manufacturer has won many international awards and recognition for its dedication to quality and research. Some of the awards and recognition won by the company include; Mars certification on food safety and quality as well as an ISO 14001 certification. The awards demonstrate Royal Canin dedication to pest control, adoption of green technology, environmental sustainability, continued innovation etc.

Company’s unique attributes

This company is well known for its dedication to research and innovation. The company strives to manufacture high quality pet food that is mainly dependent on dietary requirements of specific cat or dog breeds. The company also distributes books, journals and guidebooks geared towards improving the health and general state of pets. Although the company has changed hands on several occasions, it has maintained the principles and standards set by its original founder Jean Cathary.

Product recalls

The company’s dedication to research and production of quality food has ensured that there are minimal product recalls. While other brands continue to experience product recalls regularly, this company has experienced virtually no product recalls in the last five years according to the FDA. The company manufacturing and packaging process have ensured easy tracking of its products should any issues arise. For instance proper tagging and labeling is done while maintaining the samples of used ingredients.

General customer reviews about the company

Many customers and vets claim to be inspired by Royal Canin range of products. The company dedication to research, quality and innovation has not gone unnoticed with many pet lovers purchasing its products worldwide. Most customers agree to the fact that the company manufactures highly nutritious food for both dogs and felines.

The company not only produces highly nutritious pet food but it also does it in style by manufacturing great tasting pet food. Customers praise Royal Canin attention to detail when it comes to catering for dietary requirements of pets regardless of their shape, size or weight.if you are looking for highly nutrious pet food then its highly recommended that you look for Royal Canin products.

Lastly, this company is a reputable pet food manufacturer that has set itself from competition. The company manufactures pet food to cater for all kinds of breeds large or small. If you own a dog or cat then its best you introduce it to Royal Canin range of products for healthy results. Look for Royal Canin products as they are easily found in your local pet store or online.

Source by Jon L Templeton

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