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Prey Drive In Dogs

Let’s face it dogs are an animal that has been domesticated for centuries. However, this does not mean that the dogs are going to lose all of their natural instincts. One of those instincts that people tend to forget that dogs are going to keep intact is their prey drive. This is a drive that is showing the dog is an animal, but he or she is also an animal that wants to hunt. The problem is a lot of times people will think the prey drive is not going to be a problem, until the neighbor’s cat goes missing or the dog goes after some other animals. Here is how to cope with prey drive in the dogs.

The first thing that people need to do is make sure the dogs have plenty of food. Normally the dogs will start to rely on their prey drive if they are hungry or not getting enough food. Even if people are putting down enough food for the dogs, they may not know about the nutrition needs of the dogs. If they are not getting enough nutrition or are lacking in some of the food they may start to fall back on their instincts and this can make it nearly impossible to stop, unless people start to give the dog some extra food.

A second thing that people are going to have to do is start to realize they need to teach their dogs some simple commands with obedience training. This will not take away all of the problems that people have with the dog and chasing after prey, but it will help to control the drive the dog has currently. So people will want to make sure they are teaching the dog some basic commands to help them out. Then people will be able to know if the dog is going to listen to them or not.

Finally people should realize this is a drive that is natural in the dogs. They cannot remove it permanently. All people will be able to do is start to work with the drive a little bit more than what they were expecting before. This in turn will help them in getting to know how the dog is going to react, but also allow people to know that it is nothing they are doing, but it is what the dog would be doing naturally. So people need to consider this when they are getting a dog and how the dogs are going to react.

When people are getting a dog, they never think about the natural behavior of a dog or the way they are going to react with their natural behavior. This is when people should know about what prey drive is and how they can start to deal with the problems that are present with this drive. Once people have this information, it is going to be easy for people to raise their dogs and have confidence the dogs are going to live a nice and long life.

Source by Wayne Booth

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