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Prevent Dog Aggression - How to Train Your Dog Well

You bought a dog and dream for him to be an obedient and loving friend only to find out later that he gets you embarrassed and pissed off because of his aggressive behavior. Dog aggression is very disappointing to dog owners. It gives fear that it might lead to dog biting. If your dog behavior seem to be poor, that means you need to learn how to train your dog well.

Below are some tips to prevent your dog from being aggressive:

Tip #1 – Be patient.

This is the first secret that every dog owner should posses. Dog training takes a lot of patience. However, it could be so much fun to see little changes in your pet as you go through the process. Give him a stable schedule and attention everyday for him to feel that you care about him.

Tip #2 – Be appreciative.

To see changes in your dog behavior requires that you reward him. Give him some reward by giving him treats or toys. That way, your dog will feel that he is doing the right thing and will impress you even more. It will also establish a good relationship between you and your pet.

Tip #3 – Be consistent with your signs and commands.

It is very important that you do not change signs and commands once they are implemented. Make sure that your whole household is aware about it to avoid conflict and cause confusion. A “NO” behavior must always be “NO” whoever implements it in your home. The same instructions and signals should be seen from everyone. Try to check out some reading materials that teach proper command and signals that your dog will easily understand.

The attention and training that your dog receives gives a big influence on his behavior. It is then best to have a training guide to help you go through the process. Training your dog well is fulfilling. His behavior will be a testimony of the time, effort and attention that you have invested for him to show good and proper behavior in your house or in public places.

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