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Pet Clean-Up Made Easy by Don Aslett

Don Aslett is called America's # 1 Cleaning Expert, and for good reason, he knows cleaning. He also knows a lot about time management, organization, and getting things done, but most of all, he knows cleaning. "Pet Clean-Up Made Easy" is his guide to cleaning up pet messes, including what tools and products to use and where to find them. It's a practical book that not only helps you clean up messes, but shows you strategies to "petproof" your home and prevent messes from happening. Sounds sort of like something Sun Tzu would teach, "Win without fighting."

The book is easy to read and has the illustrations that Aslett's books are know for. I personally really like the illustrations in his books and feel they add to his message. They make the books more fun to read. This book has a brief introduction and six main chapters.

Chapter One: Pet Cleaning 101. This chapter covers important tools and cleaning techniques for all kinds of pet cleanup chores. I like that he lists different tools and what they are for, as well what deodorizers do, and some other little tips for various situations.

Chapter Two: Good Clean Living – With Pets. A chapter on preventative measures to avoid germs and keep your home mess-free. Aslett discusses ways to control pet diseases, disinfectants, and how to organize a pet control center, as well as other important tips.

Chapter Three: Housebreaking. A chapter on eliminating cleanup problems trough training dogs and cats. Cages, crates, and litter boxes are a few of the topics covered here.

Chapter Four: In Case of Accident. This chapter contains pointers for cleaning up pet messes. Not the most pleasant of topics, but important if you are a pet owner. Asless deals with cleaning up urine and cleaning up feces. Also included is cleaning up vomit. Again, not pleasant, but important when you need it.

Chapter Five: Hairy Animal Tales. With most pets come hair, so this chapter deals with shedding, bathing, and flea control. There are tips on grooming, hair pickup tools, and giving your pet a bath. There is also some very good information about fleas and how to prevent them, or how to get rid of them, depending on what you need.

Chapter Six: Pets Do the Darndest Things. The final chapter of the book focuses on pet problems and occasional misbehavior. Pets jumping on things or people, tracking in dirt or mud, scratching, and chewing on things are some of the problems dealt with in this chapter.

If you own a pet, this is a great book to assist you with keeping your home clean. It also contains some very practical advice to raising pets that will make the experience more rewarding for you and your animals. I highly recommend Aslett's books as enjoyable, practical, and spot-on (Or should I say spot-off) with his advice and strategies.

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