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Nip Symptoms in the Bud - Know Gout Foods to Avoid

If you’re bothered no end by inflammation and pain caused by accumulated deposit of uric acid crystals in your joints, revamp your lifestyle and know which gout foods to avoid. There are many of these, and it’s important to be able to pinpoint which ones contribute to the development of gout. Gout is a type of joint inflammation that requires more than medication. Gout attacks will keep occurring if you don’t plan and adhere to a special diet. To prevent episodes of gout from giving you agony and affecting your quality of life, limit intake of foods high in purines which can cause the upswing of uric acid level.

Purine-rich foods include organ meats, mussel and other seafood, anchovies, and sardines. Whether or not you keep getting a gout pain assault (read: pain that’s excruciating), it’s best to avoid alcoholic beverages as well. What you should drink if you have recurring gout is water, which can flush out crystals and offer many other health benefits. Left untreated, a worsening case of gout may lead to the formation of kidney stones and permanent damage to joints. Knowing what gout foods to avoid will lead not just to pain relief but a preventive measure from debilitating complications.

Along with knowing what gout foods to avoid, strive to maintain a healthy weight and quit smoking. If you’ve become used to drinking a daily cup of coffee, you’d also need to break that habit. Eat more fruits and vegetables to get enough dietary fiber and nutrients. To know for sure which gout foods to avoid as well as which purine-rich foods with health benefits may not necessarily lead to the development of gout, consult a doctor and nutritionist.

Cases of individuals who have had bad attacks of gout and have consulted their doctors show that the likely culprits have been edible substances that include red meats, turkey, shellfish, and processed food like hot dogs. Beer and soda guzzlers are also likely to get gout. It’s important to get a handle on gout foods to avoid so as not to keep enduring flare-ups.

If you or a member of your family has had gout, learn how to sort out the `safe’ foods from gout foods to avoid. Work with your doctor also in ensuring that kidneys are strong enough to eliminate uric acid from the bloodstream, and also to know which herbal remedies may be suited for you. If you have gout, it can drain your strength and prevent you from enjoying life, but knowing which foods can cause or prolong a gout attack can be the key to improved health.

Source by Joanna Mikielska

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