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My Best Free Dog Training Tips

Please enjoy my collection of free dog training tips:

Ask your vet for recommendations. Call the trainer and ask what methods they use, ask if you can sit in on a training session to see if you like how they handle the dogs and their owners. Ask your mail delivery person to give your pup a treat every now and then. Likewise, the kid who delivers the newspaper and the service station worker.

Crate Training Tips: Crate training must not be done too fast. Try to leave your dog inside the crate with door closed longer after each successive trial. Crate training is the process of teaching a dog to go into its crate on command and to be comfortable there while enclosed. Dogs, like all canines, are den-dwelling animals by instinct and a crate becomes a den substitute, providing a familiar and safe haven for the dog.

Sit down on the floor so you get to the same level as the dog. You are less threatening when you sit. Sit and Stay are used in conjunction with many other commands.

Teach him is name. Don’t yell out his name, but say it in a loving way. Teaching your dog to come is one of the most basic elements of his training. However, this technique requires a great deal of repetition.

Reward the dog with a treat every time she takes another step towards the desired behavior. Reward your dog for small improvements in skills or behavior. For example you want your dog to have good table manners and lay on the rug by the door during mealtime you can begin by rewarding him when he doesn’t beg. Reward training is basically a system of “train and treat,” in which dogs are given some type of treat or praise after accomplishing a training task, such as sitting. In essence, they are rewarded for their obedience.

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