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Movement and the Law of Attraction

Move joyfully today. Calendar it. Put it on your to do list – just be sure to make it happen.

When you move your body joyfully, you send happiness and joy signals to your brain. They are received something like this: “Oh! Time to be joyful!”

You may think you need to feel the joy first and the movements will follow, and I believe that that is so much and so often the case that if you break the order and move joyfully first, your brain becomes completely tricked into believing that you already are feeling joy and shifts into that mode.

It is amazing.

I believe ANY joyful movement (movement that brings you joy) will powerfully move you into the actual experience of joy.

In fact, International Association of Law of Attraction Professionals Expert Faculty member, Marci Shimoff says in her amazing book Happy for No Reason: “Phys Ed class should have been called Happiness 101” because “research overwhelmingly shows that people who exercise are happier.”

So, think about what particular movement brings you joy – dancing, singing, walking on the beach, playing, walking with a friend, running in the park, frolicking, hiking in the forest, walking your dog, making love, doing yoga, sky-diving,…

The possibilities are limitless – as are the opportunities to be joyful.

And, of course, when you are experiencing joy, you are truly, firmly in The Power Zone of the Law of Attraction where you easily manifest your desires.

So, really think about what movements bring you joy and get to them.


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