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Is My Jack Russell Suitable For Schutzhund Dog Training?

Schutzhund dog training is a tough training for any dog. In fact some people consider it to the toughest. As such, not all dogs can take this training. Find out what Schutzhund dog training is about and gauge if your Jack Russell terrier has the traits to undertake this training.

Schutzhund dog training originated in Germany in the early 1900s as a dog sport. As you would have guessed, Schutzhund is a German word and it stands for “protection dog”. At that time, enforcement authorities in Germany were predominantly using German Shepard dogs for police work. However after having some problems with their dogs, they decided that it was better to test their German Shepard dogs first to see if they have the traits necessary for that kind of work rather than to judge their dogs based on their looks. They then came up with the Schutzhund training and used competitions to make the selections and judgements.

Originally only German Shepard dogs were allowed to take part in the Schutzhund competitions because the Schutzhund training can be quite demanding on a dog. Hence, not many breeds or dogs were up to the training nor were they be able to successfully pass it. Fortunately, many breeds including those from the terrier family do have the traits that can enable them to pass the test and as time passed, many other breeds were allowed to compete. Once a dog pass the test, he will generally become suitable for enforcement type of work including odor detection (for example for drugs), search and rescue and many others.

As such, unless they are an enthusiast on this type of specialized dog training or are in the enforcement related business, the majority of Jack Russell terrier owners are not keen of Schutzhund training their dog. This is because of the amount of discipline, work, time and energy that both dog and owner need to put into this training in order for their dog to successfully pass the test.

However if you are still keen for your terrier to undertake Schutzhund training, here is a list of initial checklist to see if your terrier has the necessary traits suitable for Schutzhund dog training:

* Is your terrier willing to be trained or be subjected to tough training?

* Does your terrier give up easily when it encounters problems?

* Is your terrier courageous?

* Does your terrier have a desire to work hard and is willing to work hard?

* Is your terrier intelligent and is able to make wise decisions?

* Is your terrier able to able to bond strongly with the handler?

* Is your terrier patient?

* Does your terrier have a protective instinct?

Go through the above list and then you can decide for yourself whether your dog is suitable for the training. This is because in order to undergo a Schutzhund training, a dog is generally expected to have those traits listed above. On top of that he must also have other physical characteristics such as agility, endurance, strength and keen sense of scent. Although the demands can be high, the good thing about the Schutzhund dog training is that after your dog goes through it, all these capabilities are further enhanced and sharpened in your dog.

If you think that your Jack Russell terrier can undertake Schutzhund training after going through the initial list, then I suggest that you join a Schutzhund club that are around the country. A membership with a Schutzhund club is necessary because the club will also vet through the requirements for your terrier and accordingly advise you if your terrier is suitable for the training.

This is because Schutzhund is a very tough training and not all dogs may be up to it. If you force your dog to undergo the training when he is not willing to, then you may be subjecting your dog and a lot of people including yourself to stress and frustration.

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