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How to Train Your Dog to Poop and Pee on Your Command

This is an article that describes how you can train your dog to pee and poop on your command. This is a very good thing to teach a dog because you can really get frustrated sometimes standing with him in two o’clock in the morning with your robe on, it`s pouring rain and you are shivering waiting for your dog to go. This is also a good thing to teach your dog if he has house training problem, especially if he is still peeing on the floor or pooping on your carpet. This can speed up the whole process.

So in order to teach your dog to obey your commands you need two things: have your dog on leash and some treats. Now you are going to take your dog outside on leash and this is very important for you to be there so that you can let them know if they are doing the right behavior. When the dog starts sniffing around getting restless they are trying to tell you that they are ready to go. What you want to do is say some words.

The most effective words used by owners are “get busy”. You start talking those words as soon as you notice him thinking about pooping or peeing and when the dog starts you immediately stop talking. The biggest mistake people make is when the dog starts to go they say “oh good dog” which is very wrong. The right thing to do is to reward and praise the dog the second he is drained and then you can give him a treat.

This is basically the whole training. Be careful about what words you pick for your command. They should not be in very frequent use at your house because if the dog hears them he will obey the command. Avoid for example “hurry up”. You can say these words maybe 50 times in one day. In after a week or two maybe depending on the dog and your consistency of course you should have a fully trained dog peeing and pooping on your command.

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