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How to Stop Your Dog From Jumping Like He is a Rabbit

Is your dog a jumper? Do you think your dog would be better suited for a basketball court rather than a home because of all that jumping? If so, you are not alone. Many dogs are prone to jumping and it can cause some grief among her owners. If this is the case, read on to learn how to stop your dog from jumping.

Keep in mind that dogs jump because they are excited. That is usually the case. But if you want to curb that habit for whatever reason these are some great tips.

It can be quite cute when your dog is a puppy and he jumps on you when you return home from work. It is a completely different story when your dog is much bigger, particularly if he is a larger breed of dog.

If you do not desire your dog to hop up onto others, do not not allow him to hop onto you either . Your dog cannot discern the difference. If you allow your dog to jump on you, then it should not shock you when he jumps on every single person that walks into the house. The best way to curb this type of behavior is to simply not allow your dog to jump on anyone; yourself included . This habit can be broken. All you need is time and consistent training. It will be done if you do it effectively. Do not lose your temper, rather be patient with your beloved dog.

When learning how to stop your dog from jumping, the best training tip is to anticipate the behavior. Pay attention and be aware of her behavior so that you can tell whether she is about to jump on you or someone else. If you see that she is about to jump on you, raise your knee and tell your dog "off". When you raise your knee it will automatically make it more difficult for your dog to jump on you and he will begin to understand that he is not to do this.

For this technique to be effective, you must pay close attention that you do it before she actually jumps on you . Do not wait until after she has jumped on you to put your knee up. You may hurt your dog. We do not want that now do we?

Always keep in mind that you provide plenty of praise when your dog does as you command and does not jump so that you continue maintaining the appropriate behavior.

Like any other problem behavior, you can teach your dog not to jump through consistent, dedicated practice. Good quality dog ​​training resources can also help you through the process of teaching your dog not to jump. Until next time, all the best to you and your dog.

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