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How to Stop Dog Barking Humanely and Effectively

Nobody wants to be the neighborhood “pain in the neck”, which is why it is a good idea to keep your dog’s barking under control. While easier said than done, there are tips, tricks and devices that can help you get your pet on track. The repetitive sound of a dog barking can be especially annoying to one’s ears. Having a dog that lives outdoors can make it all that more difficult.

Various types of training work well, but in most situations some old fashioned positive reinforcement is the best way to go. Positive cues from the owner stimulate the dog’s yearning for attention and entice them to do good. Try to refrain from taking the easy way out by using a muzzle or other restraining device. While temporarily effective, these uncomfortable devices still allow the dog to whimper and whine.

A good way to teach the dog manners is by creating a loud noise each time they bark. Put some rocks or coins into a jar and give it a good shake when the dog barks. This should startle the animal and divert their attention. Continue this process until your dog understands what the response means. Countering the bark with another sound is a psychological trick that is simple enough for a dog’s mind to grasp.

Puppies are still in the developmental stage and may be more difficult to train initially. If a puppy will not stop barking, clamp their snout firmly in your hand and declare a loud “no”. Hold the snout until they have calmed down. Rinse and repeat until you get the desired results. Even if he does not understand the process, he will eventually get tuckered out and fall asleep. Consistency will provide the results you want.

For the hands-free approach, consider electronic collars. While not the most subtle approach, certain collars can be effective to stop barking. The use of shock collars is truly a self preference. If you are comfortable with using these devices, do so at your own risk. Always consult with a professional before using a training method you are unfamiliar with.

Fortunately there are more humane collars on the market you can try. Vibration collars use painless yet firm vibration technology which activates after each bark. Most have variable settings to meet your needs. Sound emitting collars have a few downsides to consider. When the sound activates, it can be similar to many devices around the house like video games or cell phones. This might confuse the animal. If you have more than one dog, the sound might confuse your second dog because they will also hear it. Any dog misbehavior can and should be resolved in a humane manner.

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