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How to Make Your Dog Behave Properly

Dealing with your dog’s behavior problems like biting, excessive barking and whining could give you stress and humiliation. Although dogs are naturally intelligent, they still need the guidance and training to live harmoniously with humans and other animals. It is important to make your dog behave and save yourself from embarrassment.

Here are some tips to make your dog behave:

Your dog need to understand that you are the master and he need to learn to follow your commands. Of course this is not a license for you to be cruel with your dog; he is considered part of your family and must be treated with love. You just have to establish dominance with your dog and there are house rules to be followed. You have to be consistent and firm to prevent confusing your dog. It will be easier to make your dog behave properly, if he knows that you are the master.

Make your dog feel loved. It is important to build a strong relationship with your dog. It is important that your dog trust you and respects you and this can be achieved if you will treat your dog with love and caring. Even animals can understand the language of love.

Be patient. Understand that dogs have learning phase and you have to be patient with him. Give your dog time to feel comfortable with your commands. Although dogs are intelligent creatures, they still need time to learn. Be patient and in time you can make your dog behave properly.

Reward and consequences. Reward your dog for behaving properly. By giving rewards like toys and dog treats; your dog will begin to understand what behaviors are acceptable. On the other hand, giving consequences for every bad behavior will teach him that his behavior is not acceptable. Giving rewards and consequences is important to make your dog behave properly.

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