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How to Groom an Irish Setter

One of the most distinguishing traits of an Irish Setter is the flowing, shiny, lustrous coat. With this beautiful coat can become a mess of tangles and matting if the dog is not properly groomed. Besides normal grooming, there are some extra precautions which much be taken into consideration when dealing with the coat of an Irish Setter.

The most important thing to do when wanting to ensure the coat health of an Irish Setter is to make sure the dog receives a proper diet and good nutrition. The shine of the coat is the result of a healthy, balanced diet which includes moderate amounts of both protein and fat. Overlooking the dietary needs of the dog will result in the coat becoming dull, lackluster and unruly. Additionally, good nutrition is important if the dog is to be able to ward of coat damage from parasites or other diseases that can have an effect on the coat quality.

Because the coat of an Irish Setter is so unique, the grooming requirements are different from that of other dogs. Grooming habits that work for one dog breed, will not necessarily work well for an Irish Setter. It is important to make sure you have all the proper grooming equipment and tools, you can change your grooming patterns and make adjustments once you figure out what works best for your dog. You will need an assortment of brushes, a sharper brush is used for getting rids of tangles and snarls, while a lighter brush is used for smoothing the coat once it has been brushed out. There are also a number of different shampoos on the market so you should know which ones work best for the coat of your Irish Setter. Generally a shampoo which contains coal tar and other harsh ingredients is not going to work well, but a mild shampoo and detangler with an oatmeal base should work quite well.

The environment in which the Irish Setter lives will also play an important part in the appearance of the coat. If the dog spends a lot of time playing and roughhousing with young kids, the coat may become tangled and stripped. When the dog goes outside, it can also prove hazardous if the dog comes into contact with burrs, brush or long grasses, the results can be matting or bald patches torn into the coat. A good way to protect the coat of the dog is to put it into a t-shirt or some other type of protective clothing when exposed to the outdoor environment.

One of the most important parts of owning an Irish Setter is to be diligent about grooming. It is a good idea to be aware of all the potential hazards the dog could be exposed to, which could result in damage to the coat. With a few precautions and a regular grooming schedule, your Irish Setter can still do any type of activity and not run the risk of damaging the coat. Regular shampooing, conditioning and bathing your Irish Setter will help make the most of the dog’s extraordinarily beautiful coat.

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