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How To End Your Dog's Aggressive Behavior

In this article, I will explain why your dog acts aggressively. Also, you will learn exactly what you need to do and the concept that you must understand in order to put an end to this behavior.

Understanding Aggressive Behavior

First, let me ask you a couple of rhetorical questions to help you to understand how to put an end to dog aggression.

Question #1: Do YOU initiate the aggression followed by your dog joining in?

Question #2: Does your dog seem to listen to you until you attempt to show it a different way to behave, then becomes aggressive?

Consider this…

Your dog is behaving this way because you have not established yourself as the pack leader. The pack leader is in charge and makes all of the main decisions. All of the other animals follow along accordingly. Your dog makes his own decisions and acts aggressively because this is what a dog’s ancestor, the wolf, does in order to protect their pack as well as their own lives.

The Different Types of Aggression

There are many forms of aggression that dogs display. These include: demonstrations of dominance, exhibiting fear, behaving aggressively on a constant basis as well as in a more erratic, random manner.

Also, there are many factors that help to determine your dog’s assertive behavior, including whether your dog is attacking people, other dogs, objects, or some other animal.

Stopping The Aggressive Behavior

You must understand and keep in mind that as long as your dog believes that he/she is the pack leader, chances are high that he will become fearful and enter into an attack mindset to protect both you and himself.Dogs of a dominant nature will choose to attack even if presented with a chance to run; while fearful dogs will only become aggressive and attack only when cornered and have no option of running.

To stop your dog’s aggressive behavior, you must show your dog that YOU are the pack leader. This must first take place in the home. Only then will you have any chance of becoming the pack leader in your dog’s mind while the two of you are away from home. Once convinced of who now is in charge, your dog’s behavior will fall in line with that of a much calmer dog, which is the desired behavior that everyone will be happy with!

The concept is actually quite simple. dogs evolved from the wolf and therefore, are pack animals. Pack animals always follow the pack leader!

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