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Have a Happy and Healthy Relationship With Your Dog by Using These Simple Techniques

Before bringing a dog into your life it is important to understand that there is a level of commitment that is necessary. The relationship that you can get from your dog is one of the greatest relationships that you can have. Dogs truly are man’s best friend when the dog is treated with love and compassion. There are many considerations that need to be addressed when bringing a dog into your home so that both you and your dog will have a long loving relationship.

There are several requirements that your new dog will need:

o Your dog will need to be walked every day. Exercise is a crucial element of your dog’s health and all around well being. You should walk your dog for at least 30 to 45 minutes a day. This will also help out with your dog’s mental state especially if they are indoors most of the day. This also should help out with your health as exercise is important to your health as well. Think of this time as making sure that you and your dog are getting time to share together in a healthy way.

o You will need to take your dog to the vet for routine visits. Your dog will need to have their shots every year. It is important to keep your dog up to date with these shots as to avoid any life threatening diseases. Please also make sure that your dog is on a heart worm preventative to keep his heart healthy. Your Vet will suggest which heart worm preventative that your dog will do best on.

o You will need to provide a good food source for your dog. There are a lot of different dog foods available out there. Please discuss with your Vet the best kind of food that your dog will flourish on. Some dogs have allergies to certain additives in brand dog foods. You will need to check the labels to find out what exactly is in the food that you will be serving your dog. If you are worried about the recent dog food recalls, you can make your own dog food which will provide you peace of mind and a good diet for your dog.

o You will need to make sure that your dog is keep clean and pest free. If you are using a flea preventative that is administered on the back of your dog’s neck, you will need to check on the bottle of shampoo to make sure that usage of that shampoo will not interfere with the flea preventative that is already on the dog. They make several shampoos just for usage of that particular kind of products. Make sure that the shampoo that you choose will not harm your dog in any way. If you notice any dryness or allergies from a particular shampoo, discontinue using and contact your vet for a better alternative.

oYour dog will need a lot of love, time and understanding from you and your family. A happy dog is a dog that is part of the family. Your dog will need attention from you to be happy and healthy. Please take some one on one time with your dog and give him the attention that he needs. Studies have shown that petting an animal reduces stress levels in humans. We could all use a stress reliever in our busy everyday lives. Make sure that you will have time to spend with your dog. This is very important to your dog’s overall health.

There are other needs to be met as well, but the main ones have been covered here. Please gain as much information as possible as the decision to bring a dog into your life can be a wonderful one with all of the right expectations.

I am a proud dog owner to the best dog ever to have walked this planet. I am sure that most of you feel this way.

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