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Guide to Commercial Dog Foods

– When purchasing stuff for your dog, always check the label before paying it to counter. Be attentive in reading it. Marketers often find ways to deceive the purchasers like they would only put the necessary ingredients, covering the harmful substances that could inflict problems for your dog later on. Try to give judgment on its price, size and brand.

– It is not necessary to pick dog food brands that are tagged with “gourmet”, “premium”, or “super premium”. An agriculture institution stated that not all dog food companies put the preferred nutritional standards on their brands.

– See if dog food brands contain hostile substances like ethyxoquin, BHT, BHA, and the unnecessary food colorings. This can cause mutation and can be carcinogenic to animals.

– Sometimes even the best dog food brands in the market are not suitable for your dogs. You must of course consider a dog’s health status before giving him anything that will affect his present physical condition. Observe his poop right after, and if he is maintaining his weight or not when feeding with that brand.

– Formulate a background check regarding with the specific brand company of dog food you plan to buy for him. Note if the company can be trusted, if they are licensed to manufacture such products, or if they are conducting a clinical study first on the enhancing substances they would input to dog foods.

– Also, the ingredients should be checked. Know if it contains high quality ingredients such as well-processed meats. Chicken meat is actually the best meat to be included in dog foods instead of purchasing canned dog foods stuffed with by-products.

– Look for its nutritional adequacy statement. This will help you pick because it contains the label if the product will give your dog the balanced and complete nutritional requirement.

– It is better to choose a brand that will be alright for almost all ages of dogs. This will make you spend less time in thinking what to give your dog when he turns a year older next month.

– Take time to learn if that dog food is easily digestible (your dog’s stomach will not be upset) upon consuming the meal. The ingredients must be consistent and should produce lower fecal volume from the dog.

– Balance the contents. It must have more protein, calcium and phosphorus that dog needs in daily intakes. It is better to choose the brands that are fortified with various additional supplements such as vitamins and minerals.

– In giving him foods new to him, observe your dog if he starts to manifest any allergic reaction after taking his meal. Ingredients that bring allergy to dogs often comprise fish, dairy products, lamb, soy, corn, eggs, chicken, beef, and whey. If he does, do not again attempt to buy the same product. Try another one.

– Consider also its availability, flavor, and cost. It is important that you can afford to buy the product and anywhere in the market. Buy only a few cans so wouldn’t cost your money to nothing if your dog wouldn’t like the taste at first.

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