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Grooming Your German Coolie (Koolie)

In this article on pet grooming I will be covering how to groom a German Coolie. Every breed of dog requires special grooming tips and you should make sure you are familiar with how to care for your specific breed of dog before purchasing one.

On grooming, I will start with grooming your collie's coat. For this you will need some basic supplies. The grooming supplies you need are a pin brush, a slicker brush, a pair of scissors for trimming or removing mat, a comb and a spray bottle filled with a conditioner.

The conditioner can be made of a dog conditioner or a horse conditioner. Do not make the solution greasy; make it light, with sufficient quantity of water in it. Remember whenever you use the conditioner to shake the bottle up and down well.

Do not brush your Coolie's hair when it is dry. Give it a squeeze of the conditioner spray. As Coolies are double coated, it is necessary to brush the outer coat and the undercoat. Brushing of the hair is to be done from the root to the outside.

You can use a pin brush on your Coolie if they are not shedding. The same can be used if it's hair is not matted. You can make use of a slicker brush or a comb, if you find that your dog has matted hair or it is shedding.

For matted hair, part the hair with the comb and clip it with a pair of scissors to remove it. You will find that your Coolie has very fine hair in the under belly region, behind the ears and below the front legs. Use a slicker brush here.

You should brush your Coolie weekly. When he or she is shedding you are advised to do the brushing daily to remove the dead hair. Letting the dead hair remain on the skin will lead to a skin infection.

You are required to trim the hair of your Coolie around its paws and feet. Clean and trim the area of ​​the pad and the area between them too.

You should shampoo your Coolies coat once a month. Do not use your bathroom shampoo (human shampoo) on your Coolie. Separate shampoos are available for dogs or you can use a horse shampoo.

Mix the shampoo well working it up into lather and apply on the coat of your Coolie and rinse it with plain water. You may apply a conditioner if you find it hard to comb the coat after a bath. You may either make use of a blower to dry the coat or let it air dry.

Next in the grooming process you will need to trim its nails. For this you can make use of a dermal tool which has a sand paper attachment. Another alternative is a nail trimmer. Use any one of these tools to trim its nails until you see the pink.

Do not exceed this as your dog may bleed. In case you have accidentally exceeded this limit, then use a styptic powder on the wound. Trimming of the nails should be started early into your Coolie, otherwise she may not cooperate later.

Pay attention to your Coolie's teeth as well. Feeding your Coolie with a crunchy biscuit daily will help keep the teeth healthy.

German Coolies are wonderful dogs and will be a great pet and companion to you and your children for years to come if you take good care of them.

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