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Getting a new puppy is as exciting as having a new baby and they will probably be treated as such for a time in the beginning. Finding dog training tips is the first thing on your mind. You must remember, though, that this little animal, as cute as it is, is not a human. It is a pet. It should be treated that way to avoid it becoming confused.

That being said, remember to give your new pet lots of love and affection. This kind of behavior will let the dog know that it is valued. Depending on the intelligence of the pet, it may respond in ways that will let you know it is happy with you. This is the ultimate goal of a dog owner and lover.

If it is possible, feed your pet a consistent brand of food. It is shown in studies that frequently changing the brand of food you feed them can cause cramping and stomach irritation. It may also lead to a finicky eating problem. Dogs, no matter how small, should never be allowed to eat from the dinner table. Pets should understand what position they hold in the house or they will become confused and anxious.

Dogs can easily become anxious. Their owner should learn to realize how they behave when this happens so that they can eliminate triggers and reassure the pet. When they are anxious, they can be confused. This can make them dangerous because confusion makes the instinct to attack kick in. Training a small puppy will help ease future anxieties. It is easier to get a dog to be obedient when it has been taught the proper way from the beginning.

If it becomes agitated around a certain person or object, the owner should take control of the situation to let the pet know that everything is okay and everyone is safe. They should especially be assured that they are safe. They will only become confused if they do not know what is going on.

Do not allow a pet to dominate a house. This causes a situation that can become very stressful for the adults and children in the house and perhaps dangerous if there are smaller children. If there is a large dog controlling the household, there may be a chance of biting. If there is ever a chance of biting, strict methods must be applied to prevent any injuries.

A pet should never take precedence over a child. If the pet becomes dangerous in any way, it should be trained to behave or removed from the home. Dog training tips are not hard to find with the vast amount of books, videos, websites and other loving owners.

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