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All dogs have their favorite treats and cuddles. Some dogs will do back flips for a dried liver snippet; other dogs just are not big eaters and prefer to be rewarded with their favorite toy, or through some physical affection from you. Knowing the best way to encourage you dog makes it much easier for you to train your dog!

I have never met a dog that did not love to be pet. Most dogs love getting the base of their tail scratched or a goods chests rub or scratch. You can also target the ears: gently rub the ear between your thumb and finger, or scratch gently at the base. Your dog will love you forever!

As far as food is concerned, it is not hard to figure out what your dog likes, just experiment with different food treats until you find one that she really goes nuts for. When it comes to food, dogs actually respond most consistently to training commands when they receive treats periodically, not predictably. Irregular treating keeps dogs on their toes, and more interested in what might be on offer.

The great thing about positive reinforcement training is all you have to do is ignore the behavior that you do not wish to see repeated. Not getting any attention (because you are deliberately ignoring her) is enough to make just about any dog pretty miserable, and thus is a powerful correctional tool.

Why ignore the dog? Well, when we simply ignore incorrect responses to a training command, with no reinforcement from us (yes, even negative attention, like saying “no”, is reinforcement. To some dogs, negative attention is better than no attention), the dog will stop the behavior of her own accord.

Remember, the bigger the fuss you make over her when she does get it right, the quicker she will understand the connection between a particular behavior gets her no response, but other behaviors (the right ones) get her massive amounts of positive attention from you.

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