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Food - Sacred and Delicious

Sometimes my enjoyment of food is so powerful that it almost feels, well, sacred.

Is there anything better than the smell of fresh coffee brewing and butter melting in the pan for pancakes? Or the fragrant first slice of a brand new onion, juicy and summer fresh? Nothing says summer to me like the sublime beauty of ripe, sliced tomatoes on white china drizzled with olive oil and balsamic vinegar, mingled with the crisp, grassy fragrance of freshly sliced basil. A perfect winter’s day to me is a bubbling stew that’s been slow cooking for hours, thick and glossy with stock and starchy potatoes and eaten around a roaring fire.

I believe that food has tremendous healing power. It’s transformed my life in some not-so-subtle ways, and I’ve seen it transform the lives of others. Cooking meals is the activity that always brings my focus back to my family, because I want the meal to be flavorful and nutritious, as a gift to them to show my love. It doesn’t always work that way, but I try. Most important, I’ve found that cooking has actually made me a happier person. By cooking and taking the time to prepare nourishing, healthful meals that are also delicious, I’m attempting to make art out of life, or at the very least, to make routine more beautiful.

My husband loves bitter greens like kale or dandelions sautéed slowly with a little bacon fat and black eyed peas. When he makes this, the smell of the greens wilting, along with the garlic releasing its pungency simultaneously soothes and energizes me. Every member of the household becomes happier. My 16 month old begins pacing in the kitchen, shouting commands for dinnertime, while my finicky 5 year old stops whatever she’s doing to check out what’s going on in. This goes well with organic chicken liver pate on sourdough rounds, and we place it on the counter for everyone to pick at, because who doesn’t love a buffet?

My favorite dessert is a simple cake made of long-cooked rice, sourdough bread crumbs, and fresh, free-range eggs with toasted and chopped pecans, topped with fresh heavy cream and raspberry sauce sweetened with real maple syrup. It’s slightly sweet and delicious and doesn’t contain any of the yucky trans-fats in packaged cakes, and doesn’t take all day to make. Desserts can be good for you, too.

Of course, all this food comes from clean, organic sources, but forget for a moment that it is actually good for you (and the many nutrients in foods like eggs and butter are actually protective against depression). Forget that it comes from local farms and is therefore sustainable and “green.” Often I don’t think about all the good it’s doing for my health and for the health of my family, and allow myself to be selfish and simply enjoy how it tastes.

Source by Lisa Fyfe

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