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Five Tips For Successful Dalmatian Training

Though they are large, strong, muscular dogs who were used as guard dogs in the borders of Dalmatia, this spotted breed has become playful and easy to get along pet. They even gained sudden popularity among families especially those with children because of the two Walt Disney films based on the novel The Hundred and One Dalmatians by Dodie Smith. Unfortunately, the popularity caused this breed to suffer because of irresponsible breeding and owners who are not knowledgeable about the breed and the dalmatian training they needed.

  1. Young puppies should not be taken away from their mother and littermates at a very young age. They should be placed to their permanent homes between eight to ten weeks of age since they are usually confident and amenable during this period.

  2. The breeder should have started socializing the pup at three weeks of age in order for the young pup to be aware of the world he is into. This aims to help him develop good social relationship to other dogs, animals and humans as he grows up. The breeder is not the only one responsible for socialization. In fact, puppies who have just been placed to their new homes need intensive socialization considering the new environment they are into and the new faces they get to see everyday.

  3. Regardless of the training objective, your pet needs to be physically fit for dalmatian training. A pooch who is sick, stressed, confused or excited may not learn efficiently thus you need to check out on this before training begins.

  4. One way to ensure your dal's wellness is to provide high quality foods. Choose the type or brand of food that has meat as the first ingredient. Instead of giving one full meal a day, it is recommended to give small multiple meals a day to prevent stomach upset and gastric torsion. Adults should be given three to six cups a day and two cups to puppies, both in minimum of two servings.

  5. Though this breed requires minimal bathing, it is good to brush them daily to minimize shedding. Ears must be cleaned, nails must be trimmed and the presence of fleas, ticks and other foreign objects in the skin should be checked especially during the warmer months.

As simple as they seem, the above tips can make a difference to your dalmatian training provided they are applied correctly.

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