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Five Things You Can Do for Your Dog to Increase Your Chances of Dog Breeding Success

Breeding dogs can be rewarding, both emotionally and financially. However, it’s not a casual undertaking. Those who are willing to put extra time and effort into the process stand to be the most successful in the long run. This means starting long before you bring your breeder dog home.

It’s absolutely crucial to keep in mind that breeding dogs is more than a regular retail business. The professional dog breeder deals with much more than marketing and finances. He or she is dealing with living creatures that have physical and emotional needs that are not very different from those of human beings.

One of the main goals of any dog breeding business is to produce quality, healthy pups. This process starts well before your bitch (female dog) becomes pregnant. In fact, the more carefully, deliberately and thoughtfully that you pre-plan, the better your chances will be of rearing healthy pups.

If you care as much about quality of life as you do about making a profit, these five tips can help you kick-start the planning dog breeding process:

1) Choose your breed wisely. You probably already have a breed or maybe even a few different ones in mind. Research those well. It’s crucial that you understand the characteristics of a particular breed, including the problems that breed may be prone to.

Using this information, evaluate which type will best suit your family and your home/facility. For instance, a large breed is not going to be well-suited to smaller spaces. Nor is a rambunctious, playful breed, such as pugs, the best choice for a family with very small children.

2) Know your breed. Once you’ve settled on a particular canine, learn everything you can about that breed. Not all issues can be anticipated, but the more you know before you plunge in, the better prepared you’ll be to deal with many issues when they arise.

3) Treat your canine like family. Whether you choose a bitch or a male dog to stud, your pooch should be integrated into your family. This doesn’t necessarily mean that she needs her own bedroom.

It does mean that she should be given a space that is all her own, even if it’s a corner of your utility room. Allow her to claim this space for herself and make herself comfortable. Try not to fret over soiled floors or damaged walls. Clean up her messes calmly while teaching her how to behave in her space, just as you would a child.

It’s also crucial that she be given enough space. The amount that she will need will depend upon the type of breed she is and the size she will become when she is fully grown.

Treating your breeding dog like family also means meeting her basic needs. Just like a child, she needs a healthy diet, exercise, training, appropriate toys, and lots of love and attention.

4) Be proactive about her physical health. She will need all of the regular pooch check-ups and shots. Plus, breeder dogs typically need extra veterinary care. This includes a complete physical exam before she is allowed to mate. A clean bill of health from a veterinarian is one more important part of ensuring a healthy pregnancy and quality pups.

5) Get support. Breeding dogs, like raising children, isn’t always easy. It can be extremely helpful to network with other breeders. You can create an informal group in your area if one doesn’t exist already. Another excellent alternative is to join an online dog breeding forum, especially one that is devoted to your particular breed.

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