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Feng Shui - Water and Your Wellness and Prosperity

Water features are perhaps the most widely understood aspect of Feng Shui in the western world. As a design feature they move in and out of vogue, but it is well worth considering a properly placed Feng Shui water feature in your house or apartment.

When I was a child my grandmother had a large raised bird bath on her front lawn. It provided endless interest for myself and my siblings. Laughter would ring out as we watched the birds play and we would sail our toy boats in it when no one was watching. Even the adults would seem to gather near this object when chatting out front.

What we didn’t realise was the soothing harmonising effect this water feature had on all those who came near it. These days I understand the concept of moving water creating negative ions which have an uplifting effect on us.

However the correct placement of water is much more than just feeling good. It is all about energy flow. Think of a stream with stagnant pools near its edge compared to the clean flowing water in the middle.

Science shows us that moving water is highly oxygenated and life enhancing, Feng Shui recognises that our personal energy or Chi flows more efficiently in our meridians.

An important place for a small water feature is in your work area. Water is strongly associated with prosperity. The sound and movement enhance your Chi.

Plants are very popular spaces but if they are in need of water this can have a negative effect on you. A fish tank if kept clean and well maintained has not only the benefits of water flow but is enhanced by the movement of the fish.

Subtle movement combined with a pleasant sound harmonises your space and your mind. A popular placement for a larger water feature is on the path leading towards a front entrance, causing the path to divert around the fountain and gently moving the Chi of the house.

A courtyard with a fountain placed so that you see it as you gaze out through the doors or the windows will flow healthy Chi into the room. If this is the office even better. If you don’t work from home then locating the water feature near a busy family space such as your living room or dining room.

One of the most energy stressed areas of a home may be your teenager’s room. Cluttered, messy and closed up for privacy, therefore stuffy, this is the space where they are supposed to do the hard study for college or university entry.

Insisting on tidiness, and fresh air plus you may be able to negotiate a small water feature. Good luck with the boys, but perhaps an appropriate bribe might be in order. This enlivened energy will help them to study more effectively.

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