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Dogs on Vacation

So you are going off on your vacation, but what are you going to do with your dog? Some people love to take their pet with them, and this is great so long as they are responsible owners. Dogs make a mess which needs clearing up, they also need to be exercised. Will this fit in with your plans? If you decide to take your dog with you, you need to be aware that there are many places that just will not accept a dog onto the premises, so double check that where you are staying are happy for you to bring your dog along. Be cautious, some people really are afraid of dogs, so ensure that he is kept under control at all times.

Here are a few tips for you if you are going to be taking your dog on vacation with you:

1. Visit your veterinarian and get a certificate of clean health from him.

2. If you are flying, make sure that the carrier you buy is strong enough and large enough for your dog to be able to move around. Some airlines will allow dogs into the passenger compartment, so if you want your dog with you, make sure you check this before you book your flights.

3. When travelling in a car with your dog, make sure that the air conditioning is on, dogs need to be kept cool.

4. Don’t let your dog travel with his head hanging out of the window whilst it’s moving. The risks of him falling out or getting hurt are too great.

5. Never, ever leave your dog in the car while it’s in the sun. Your dog can easily get heat stroke, which can prove fatal. Watch out for signs that your dog is not well, and if you see anything unusual, or if he starts to breathe rapidly, have a fast pulse, vomiting, or has red eyes or gums, these are signs that he is in trouble and has got too hot. You need to get him help immediately, but while you are getting him there, place cool towels near him to help cool his temperature. Don’t take the chance of this happening to your dog, don’t leave him in a car, even with the windows open, while it is parked up on a hot day – it does not take long for a car to get hot just like an oven.

6. Check on the requirements of the country you are visiting, as some countries have very specific rules and regulations.

7. You sometimes need a certificate for rabies vaccination and other documents, so check well before you travel so you can get it all organized.

8. Make sure your dog has a contact number on his collar just in case he wonders off.

9. Keep a dog first aid kit handy at all times, as well as a ready supply of his favorite treats.

10. Have fresh water available at all times.

11. Take plenty of his favorite toys with you, as well as his bed, or at least his blanket for him to sleep on.

12. Remember your dog will need to answer the call of nature at regular intervals, so make sure you plan these stops into your journey.

Travelling with your dog can be fun for both of you, so long as you follow a few simple rules.

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