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Doggie Wabi Sabi: The Perfect Dog In An Imperfect World

One morning, one of my favorite students asked me an interesting question. She asked me how do you create a perfect dog in a world where everyone is short on time, will, skill and money? When I asked her to describe the perfect dog, she told me that she wants a dog that will never sniff on a walk, will never jump on people, never steal food, never pull on a walk, never be bad.

Smiling, I remarked those are a lot of “nevers” for a dog to master. Honestly, most people aren’t that well-mannered. The quest for perfection can be hard on dogs and people, alike. I added that perhaps the dog in his natural state of imperfection is good enough, and that the dog is fine just as he is. So, instead of striving for perfection, why not strive for Doggie Wabi Sabi, a state of appreciation for the dog’s appropriate imperfection?

Doggie Wabi Sabi is a philosophy of living with your dogs that takes into account their natural doggy imperfection. Dogs are creatures of rustic simplicity, endowed with understated elegance, bursting with quirks and endearing oddities that add to their uniqueness and instinctive appeal.

Enmeshed with this natural elegance is a genetic drive that makes a dog unique, the desire for emotional, energetic congruence with a matching energy source. If this wish for intimacy (joining up with the Alpha) is not fulfilled, even on occasion, then the dog turns inward, onto and into himself and in the end becomes something dark and dangerous.

So, what are the benefits of embracing Doggie Wabi Sabi? The first benefit is balance. Physical balance, emotional balance and mental balance. A balanced dog is unconsciously perfect everywhere, all the time, with everyone, due to emotional surrender to the leader. To the untrained eye, it seems as if the dog’s perfection is a result of a happy accident.

The second is fluidity. Living with a dog in the way of Doggie Wabi Sabi is living with the dog that is perfect according to the circumstances and in the context of other people, places and things; the appropriate irreducible minimum of suitable behavior. You don’t have to practice with this dog, you don’t have to go to classes, you just have to live as you wish with the dog all the time.

The third is facility. There are two guiding principles at work when using Doggie Wabi Sabi; resonance and magnetism. The principles of resonance dictate that like attracts like; and with magnetism, like repels like. I prefer that all teaching of the dog should be done according to the principles of resonance; the attraction of like to like. Resonance, or as I like to call it, FarFenflugle, as it is easily used in the real world and in real time. This technique energizes the dog’s first compelling genetic need; harmonize energetically, emotionally, with the leader.

We are so lucky that dogs are “all for one” creatures, and that for them belonging to the collective is more important than belonging to oneself. Personal liberty for man is a great gift, it is a slow death for a dog.

I have found that the American ideal of a perfect dog is an ideal of robotized mechanical perfection, a dog that does nothing at all, and most importantly, never does anything that a normal dog might do. Artificially induced non-action, is a burden, an affliction and an unfair punishment. This mindless, soulless, robot-like obedience has no relation to creating a dog that fits in with a modern urban lifestyle.

Traditional dog obedience training can be artificial; a time consuming affliction, in many cases a burden to dog and owner alike. Traditional dog obedience training, in most cases does not create dogs that are safer, friendlier and an asset to the community because generally the training environment seeks perfection; the perfect sit, the perfect stay, the perfect heel. The focus is on very specific, very artificial external skills, not emotional, mental,or energetic resonance with you and your life.

If the natural internal drives and instincts of the dog are not groomed appropriately, obedience training has a minimal impact on reducing the inappropriate behaviors of a dog. If the dog does not believe with every cell of his body that you are his Alpha, then in his mind, he always has the right to say, “No”. This is the dog that is rebellious, aggressive, independent and out of control; he jumps, he barks, he bites. This is the dog that you see on any city street pulling the arm of his owner out of the socket, and if you are able, you cross the street to avoid. This is a dog that has gone over to what I call the Doggie Dark Side.

With Doggie Wabi Sabi, you gather the natural inclinations of the dog and mold them, coax them, guide them into a masterpiece of a dog that is appropriate in the imperfect now. If he is hyper, you make him less so; if he is sedate, you make him more so according to the moment; always seeking energetic resonance.

If you want a dog that is appropriately pleasant while accompanying you through your life, you have to do more than just contain the body or constrict the mind of the dog. Instead, I would encourage you to enhance you dog’s natural elegant essence, and turn that to your benefit. The daily walk with the dog is the best way to ignite the dog’s natural, genetic compulsion to hook-up with a leader, to pack up.


If you want a good dog, walk your dog.

If you want a friendly dog, walk your dog.

If you want a protective dog, walk your dog.

If you want a healthy dog, walk your dog.

If you want a calm, cooperative, submissive dog, walk your dog.

If you want to learn to love your city; walk your dog.

If you want to live longer; walk your dog.

If you want to be happier; walk your dog.

If you want to reduce litter in your neighborhood; walk your dog.

If you want to reduce crime; walk your dog.

If you want your dog to love you, walk your dog.

If you want to reconnect with nature; walk your dog.

If you want Doggie Wabi Sabi Now; walk your dog!

A dog cultivated with the principles of Doggie Wabi Sabi, may not know or even need to know sit or down or stay or heel. In fact while the training may be incomplete at best, but by using resonance, the attraction of one energy to another, the dog is always perfect, moment to moment.


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