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Dog Training Trick

This is one of the easiest dog training tricks to be able to implement to a dog that springs off the ground or leap against people. Your dog doesn't place too much weight on you and to other people when they're jumping. This is the purpose of and the benefit you can get out of this trick once your dog dances on your command.

Find or retrieve something
If your dog already learns and enjoys bringing stuffs in his mouth, this is much an easy dog ​​training trick. Even if your dog doesn't want to find a stick or ball you've cast, you can also test his ability to carry his toys to you. It would be easier to implement this trick if your dog can already follow the sit command and remains in that manner until you allow him to go.

Shake Hands
You can begin this by making your dog sit. Then, say, "shake hands" and hold his paw with your hand. After the first try, you can say "Good dog" and let go of his paw. You can repeat this several times a day.

Turn Around
Start this dog training trick by making your dog stand up while facing you. Allow him to perceive a treat in your own hand. You have to stand still and say, "Turn around". Direct his nose clockwise to the left following the treat, so he can walk in a circle motion. Say, "Good dog!" and reward him the treat after he completed the job.

Allow your dog to lie down before you start this trick. Say, "Crawl" while holding a treat in the surface of his nose. Say, "No, down … crawl" if he begins to stand up and not following your command. Praise him and say, "good dog" when he crawls even a several inches without standing up.

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