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Dog Training To Solve Your Dog's Sadness Problems

One of the biggest problems of owning a dog is when your dog becomes attached to you and your spouse. The problems arise when your spouse separates from you and the dog.

The dog would become very sad because it’s missing his former master’s love and affection.

The dog would snarl and growl at the visitors when they try to approach you.

The dog would also lose its appetite and doesn’t have the heart to eat as much.

Below are the common symptoms of grief your dog would experience when a member of the family leaves or passes away.

Becoming depressed

Not sleeping much or sleeping a lot

Chewing their paws


Becoming morose

Here is what you can do to help solve your dog’s problems.

It is very important that you stick to your routine as much as possible and it may take sometime for your dog to become his old self again.

When your dog being aggressive and growling at visitors approaching you because of his fear and anxiety to keep you safe. You are now more valuable to him because he is now more dependants on you for food.

As your spouse’s scent reduces your dog’s feeling of insecurity increases. Therefore he needs his own form of reassurance and he gets this by urinating around the house. This behavior could be overcome by using a dog appeasing pheromone diffusers which are available from your vet or pet store.

To overcome your dog’s lack of appetite you could offer him his most favorite food and tempt him to eat more.

Punishment is not a good thing as it is likely to increase his insecurity. Also try to get your dog to form a good relationship with other people from inside and outside of the household.

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