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Dog Training Tips - Walking a Puppy on a Leash

Labrador Retrievers dog training should start early, in the puppy phase. Labrador Retrievers grow to be rather large dogs and if you don’t teach your dog to walk on a leash while he is young; he is going to drag you all over town when he is an adult. Walking your puppy on a leash is important to teach for any breed of dog, not just Labradors. I mention Labs because they are one of the larger breeds of dog and walking on a leash, as with any large breed dog, is best when started while the lab is still a puppy and at a much smaller and manageable size.

To begin puppy training you should first seek out dog training advice from a skilled dog trainer. You can also learn K9 dog training with positive training books and similar types of literature or video. The important thing to do is to teach your puppy from the beginning how to walk with a leash.

First make sure you have a good collar for your puppy. If the collar is not too tight, this will delay the learning process because the dog will be uncomfortable. If the collar is too loose, your puppy walking on a leash isn’t going to go very far because he will simply slip his head out of the collar and run off. Fit your puppy with a flat nylon collar. No need to use a chain collar at this stage. Once you have adjusted the collar appropriately, let the dog wear it for a few hours each day. There are several different methods of how to train a puppy to walk with you using a leash. At this stage there is no heel command involved. You should use the best method for you and your new puppy. Just make sure that whatever method you use that you use a positive dog training method that gives your puppy positive reinforcement, encouragement, affection, and patience.

If you follow dog training advice correctly and have patience, you can have your puppy walking on the leash in no time. Do not get frustrated if your puppy would rather chew on the leash, sit like a stone statue, or try to pull you all over the yard. It is up to you to teach him and train him how to walk on a leash properly. As I said before, right now he is just a puppy imagine trying to train adult Labrador Retrievers to walk on a leash!

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