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Dog Training Secrets 101 - Secrets Revealed

When it comes to training your dog there are thousands of ways you can go wrong. Many people that are trying to train on their own without help or tips can actually make everything worse than it was at first. So I am here to solve these complications for you so training your dog will be easy and effective.

First, you need to remember that dog training is all about knowing the one your training. Learn each others every move. In the trainers perspective the handler needs to show the dog what actions are preferred or right.

You must learn to watch your dog to see what motivates him for the best results.

You don’t want your dog to get bored because this will get you no where with trying to train him.

Dogs are always giving signals that you will notice if you pay attention. You will be able to see if the dog is confused, nervous, happy, etc. The emotions of your dog during training are crucial because if the dog is frustrated, stressed, or distracted he will not listen to you.

There are FOUR important signals or messages that you can send to your dog and they are…

1) The reward or release marker

2) The keep going signal

3) No reward for bad or incorrect behavior

4) Punishment marker

The things you want to avoid doing are these…

1) Don’t hit, yell, hang, or slam your dog on the ground! This is abuse, not training.

2) Don’t rely on a bag of treats to train your dog. Treats don’t work, they just spoil your dog. What happens when you have trained him by using treats and then when you run out or don’t have any treats and you give him a command he doesn’t listen to you? He won’t respond correctly because he realizes you don’t have treats and so there is no reason for him to obey you.

3) Never back down from your dog. If you don’t want him doing something then just say, “NO!” Don’t mock or mimick your dog. For example, yelping like a hurt puppy to stop your dog from play-biting you. This means your weak and you don’t want that.

Things that you do want to do are…

1) Show respect to your dog and give him reasons to rely on you.

2) You want to build a “best friend” kind of relationship with your dog

3) Make the training easy as pie! Nobody wants to be confused, especially the dog.

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