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Dog Training - The Poor Dog!

Dog training is necessary for all dogs. Big or small — there is no difference. My father has a dog; it’s a big and undisciplined dog. The reasons for this are manifold: the dog has a difficult past (he was abandoned on a parking place at a highway when he was less than a year), there are no grandchildren around who can be spoiled and the dog obviously looks very much like the dog my father had when he was a child.

Luckily this big dog seems to have a gentle attitude towards children; meeting very small children he immediately is flat on his belly, carefully sniffing in the child’s direction, avoiding everything to scare the little ones. This dog is definitely not aggressive, but he is a pain in the neck. My son is almost three years old and visiting my parents is very exhausting: I can’t relax, not even for a minute.

The dog is slightly taller than my son and my son feels uneasy when this big dog approaches him and tries to lick all over his face. My father proudly exclaims that this is the proof that the dog likes children, but I can understand that a big, smelly tongue all over the face is not a pleasant experience. As a result my son runs away, followed by the dog and a mother who tries to get hold of the dog or her son — whatever is easier to grab. I’ve told my father a hundred times that the dog needs to stop if he tells him to, but the only one who has authority over the dog is the little, old cat: countless times she had scratched the dogs nose and living in the house long before the dog was born, the cat did not intend to give up her superior position in the family.

The dog does not bite or willfully try to harm people, but he is big and clumsy and therefore can be dangerous. One day my father was sitting on a small chair in the garden, picking berries. All of a sudden his dog came running, jumped at him, they both fell and were rolling in the grass. The dog wanted to play and thought this was a great moment to surprise my father and have some fun. Unfortunately at that time my father was recovering from a difficult back surgery and rolling in the grass with a big dog on his back was not exactly the therapy the doctor was thinking of. No damage was done, but I think after this incident, it was my mother who finally put her foot down.

Now my father is training the dog and first results can be seen. There is still room for improvement, but now it is more relaxing to be around. I am definitely looking forward seeing the dog fully trained. The dog seems to enjoy the training too and I can only encourage all dog owners to train their ‘best friend’.

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