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Dog Training Collars - Are They a Good Idea?

If used properly, dog training collars can be very useful training tools. A dog that barks too much, for example, can be taught to stop by using a collar, called a no bark collar. These will give the dog a slight jolt when he barks. This training method is called positive punishment by some.

The no bark collar uses a 9-volt battery and uses a special mechanism that detects the vibration of barking and gives a jolt. Anything from a very mild electric shock to a high-pitched screech can be used. There also exists a no bark collar that uses a puff of citrus scented spray whenever the dog barks. These are called anti barking spray collars.

Before you go out and buy one of these no bark collars you should first try to find out exactly why your dog is barking so much. There may be an underlying reason such as boredom, fear or something he sees. Dogs that are shy or scared will tend to bark at everything they see. You may also have trained your dog to bark a lot without realizing it. Some breeds also bark more than others.

Excessive barking can be a real problem. Dogs that stay home all day, barking will annoy the neighbors. It is even worse if you live in an apartment building.

In a perfect world there would be no need for dog collars. Unfortunately, in the real world they are sometimes needed. Many of the most common dog behavior problems can be corrected with collars. Still, before you buy one you should try to correct the underlying causes of the problem.

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